Peggle Deluxe 1.01

A fun puzzle game with beautiful graphics that allows users to challenge themselves in this ball breaker

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    Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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    5.6 (87)

Peggle Deluxe is the first installment of the popular pachinko-inspired puzzle video game series by developer PopCap Games. The premise of the game is that you are presented with a board of many different colored pegs, and your job is to take out the orange-hued variety by shooting balls from a canon and hitting them any way that you can.

The game incorporates many challenging setups and achievements, with there being several different ways to complete each of the 55 levels, adding an enormous amount of replay value.

A lot of the game’s personality comes from the inclusion of a mixture of cute animal characters, accompanying unique personalities and special powers. By targeting the special green peg, you can activate unique power ups that improve your aim, take out large groups of pegs at once, shoot lightning or automatically make the best shot possible with little effort.

It also includes a comprehensive Adventure Mode that introduces you to all of the characters, explains their abilities in detail and allows you to get a grasp on the controls of the game. Once you have beaten this mode, Challenge Mode is available to play, which adds score goals and extreme challenges, such as starting you with a limited amount of ammo.

Peggle Deluxe is also easy on the eyes and ears, with each board containing a beautiful unique background matching the theme of the level. There are levels in which the pegs move in complicated spiral patterns, that sometimes look too nice to destroy, and pegs that interact with special areas like black holes and UFO beams.

The music is also catchy and enjoyable, with an epic version of Ode to Joy that plays when you take out the last peg. The spooky levels have scary music, and the happy levels are likewise cheery, adding to the fun and addictive atmosphere.


  • Lots of replay value
  • Great artwork and music
  • Game is addictive


  • Some power ups are similar
  • A few challenges are nearly impossible to beat
  • Game is addictive

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